This is the corner in my website where i aim to share findings, articles, literature, thoughts and recommendations on various issues. My intention is to contribute in cultivating a ground of fertile thinking, through synthesis and contradictions and why not, opinion renewal. 1. The first upload includes a very important article written by current Prime Minister of Greece, Mr Lucas Papademos, published on 21st of October 2011, at Financial Times, just few days before he undertook the position.

This article, although is a technical approach in the Greek debt restructuring, it concludes with two major points to be under consideration and implementation: (a) the restoration of markets and (b) the rebound of public confidence, not only in Greece but in Europe.

The article may be read here.

2. Another interesting upload comes from STRATFOR the famous think tank on global intelligence. The Geopolitics of Greece, worths to read it.

3. The same think tank has very recently issued the Annual Forecast for 2012.

4. It is interesting their report as well, in Germany's behaviour regarding Greece and European Union, "Concerns about Germany's committment to Eurozone".

5. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development has issued last year (2011) a thorough report on Doing Business in Turkey.

6. Financial Times have published just few days ago the Global MBA Rankings for 2012.

7. The Center for Economic and Policy Research is a think tank publishing interesting and worth to read articles, surveys, working papers etc. It does significant research and shares the findings and outcomes with the global community. The very recent publication on Greek crisis (February 2012), is really a must to read. Here i am giving it both in english and in greek (Title: More Pain, No Gain for Greece: Is the Euro Worth the costs of Pro-Cyclical Fiscal Policy and Internal Devaluation?)

8. McKinsey & Company, have published (March 2012) a very interesting Executive Report on: Greece 10 Years Ahead: Defining Greece’s new growth model and strategy.

9. Europe's Disturbing Precedent in the Cyprus Bailout. Global crisis has become European crisis and takes different forms. A brief report found in Stratfor on Cyprus recent problem (27March2013).

10. Unemployment in Greece turned to be the major fear jeopardising social cohesion and enabling brinkmanship. Another interesting report from Stratfor. The Dangers of the Disaffected and the Unemployed (14March2013).

11. Intelligence and Human Networks. Discussing on geopolitics (10January2013, Stratfor).

12. The Crisis of the Middle Class and American Power. Discussing on the persistent decline in the middle class standard of living (08January2013, Stratfor).

13. Europe in 2013, a year of decision. The Embattled European Project (03 January2013, Stratfor).


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