In this page i would like to share some thoughts and information regarding stocks and financial analysis of companies. Also some personal tips which have been concluded from reading and investigating relevant sources of information.

There is a Greek newspaper which is considered an expert in financial issues in both local and international level. I have gathered some material on that which can be found at NAFTEMPORIKI Business Tips (in greek language)

SPECISOFT is a conculting company which has issued a number of very useful tools for company's analysis and monitoring. Download these articles. It worth it. Unfortunately they are available only in Greek.

Budgeting / Business Planning as a Decision Making Tool / Management, Basic Principles /

Entrepreneurship (part A) / Entrepreneurship (part B) / Financing the SME /

Risk Analysis / Cost / Financing the SME - Bank's approach / How to create a Business Plan

A Model Business Plan (zipped). Download the business plan of National Bank of Greece which was presented in the roadshow organised by the Bank on February 2007. I think, it is a model for immitation.