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Professional Profile: Highly experienced Educational Manager with a formidable track record across disparate sectors. Engages in a rigorous professional development, accruing a vast array of management courses and skills to bolster an MBA in Health Care Management; from Negotiation Skills to Front Line Management. Adept at supervising diverse teams in the successful completion of complex initiatives, such as the execution of a fully-customized information system in order to enhance services for both students and staff. Capable of performing a whole cornucopia of management tasks, from spearheading various projects to enhancing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Multi-skilled, dynamic and avid exponent of University Administration with a flair for project management. 


My summary: As well as presiding over the smooth and efficient administration of a University Faculty, I love transcending the directive by devising new strategies that streamline internal processes and provide sustainable growth for the educational model. This allows the expression of creativity within my leadership mandate, whilst inspiring the effort to deliver a consummate University service to both students and staff.

I thrive in environments that demand the application of a multi-disciplinary approach, whereby spearheading complex projects to overseeing asset management functions are the order of the day. This rigorous disposition towards a professional development has been wrought from over 10 years as an Educational Manager and a further 10 flourishing in diverse sectors i.e. Logistics & Transport, Healthcare and Technology. During this time I have refined a myriad of skills to buttress already outstanding qualifications; from Front-line Management to Business Administration etc.

In my current role as Director of Faculty's Administration at the University of Sheffield International Faculty, I am designing and implementing an innovative and fully-customized information system in order to enhance services for both students and staff. Concomitant to this, I am providing critical feedback on approximately 90 academics and administrators and almost 1000 students to both local and external campuses.

I boast a formidable track record in the realm of education, with a propensity for enhancing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and leading challenging initiatives. I am devoted to a constant desire to exceed targets and provide a superior educational service, reinvigorated by the maxim that within every problem therein lies an opportunity. I would love to channel this potent energy into the growth and development of your educational model. If you’re interested in potentially working with me, please contact I look forward to hearing from you.  


Please download here my professional and academic CV.