Since the academic year of 2005-2006, i have started to attend the BSc in Management of Companies & Organisations course which is offered by EAP (Greek Open University of Patra). It is an extremely flexible academic programme which is delivered on a distance learning mode with some lectures which are taking place in Thessaloniki.

During my studies i have submitted a number of projects - which is obligatory in the frame of the course - and i give them below for research use.

Unfortunately, they are only in Greek language (in the original language they were submitted).

Module 1: Introduction to the Management of Companies & Organisations

Project 1 - Project 2 - Project 3 - Project 4

Module 2: Introduction to Laws

Project 1 - Project 2 - Project 3 - Project 4

I strongly believe in the idea of lifelong learning and continuing education. In this era, the need for constant change and adaptation to the global environment cannot be faced by individuals without the use of any available resources.

Education and training are the basic weapons to confront with the evolutions.

The other is mentality.