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Knowledge Technologies for Innovation

Incorporating Knowledge Technologies into existing Information Technology products and services

(created on 23dec08)

I found that sometimes is difficult to even describe "what is knowledge", in real life. At this unit, we aimed to investigate the existance of Knowledge Technologies, their attributes, properties and the way these can be used for innovational purposes.

The unit was extremely challenging since KT is a field that could provide a number of unlimited tools for an innovator.

The coursework involved the prerequisite of recommending four ideas, giving a small description and arguments about how, different KT could be infused in existing IT products and services. In continuous we had to choose the most promising one and develop it.

Assignment has a start date of 12october08 and was due to 14november08.

Below i am giving the final version submitted:

book_reading Knowledge Technologies for Innovation (preliminary report) - (final coursework)

All four ideas, were considered high promising for me, although i have developed one that had to do with psychology of investing.

Stock markets, due diligence, companies' financial indexes as well as investments, are some of the fields that are of my top interest during last 5 years. As a result, i saw an opportunity through this coursework to expand more my knowledge and expertise.

The idea developed was the use of an intelligent agent who could assist the on-line individual investor. It is strange that although science and well-developed methods have taught us how to manipulate situations and act rationale, we insist on making the same mistakes and feel entrapped in the same manner.

There is an explanation which is hiding behind, and this is called psychological biases. The psychology of investing is a totally different area that can give explanations and generate wonders upon this issue.

Right after there is the agent's model as it was perceived and described. It is considered as the most promising idea.

Agents is not intended to replace humans. Instead they will be used to contribute in certain aspects while it will remain in man's discretion to decide the level and degree of their involvement.



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