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Here i aim to give some keywords and short information on fields that i am interested in. Therefore this section will be altered and updated from time to time.

Athens Stocks Exchange market. Daily attendance of the market. Read financial news, attendance of companies progress, comments and daily navigation on relevant sites such as:




My PAPERMONEY Collection. Since 2001 i keep on collecting papermoney from all over the world as a hobby. Papermoney reflects true characteristics of a country and are strongly connected with each epoch and its affections to the local people. I am a member in the Society of Papermoney Collectors and the International Association of Papermoney Collectors.

Auctions, the philosophy of auctioning, Ebay and the on-line auctioning.

E-Shopping and navigation searching for useful material. Purchase of books through biblio.com

Stamps Collection.

Member in a number of peer-to-peer networks for exchanging information, ideas and other material (demonoid, greektracker, btjunkie, emule and others). International Associate Member in the Association of University Administrators (AUA - based in UK).


Cloud Computing, the next challenge to open a new industry and establish a blue ocean for the technology-oriented people. Here is a very interesting article just found and read.


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