Getting prepared for a Professional Doctorate


This is a page where I intend to register my preparatory steps for the idea of a starting a Professional Doctorate. I think i have to plan in advance and work on my possible subjects at least for one year ahead.

First i have focused on literature related on how you may write a good research proposal, what to take into consideration as well as pros and cons of certain techniques adopted. Then I mind-mapped this knowledge in order to have an holistic and coded approach on my findings. Below I am giving these mind maps.

Learning Lab - A Proposal Writing Short Course (Acquiring peer-reviewed research funding)

The Art of Grandsmanship (by Jacob Kraicer) mind-mapped by EvangelosErgen

Contents and Style of MY Professional Doctorate Research Proposal - A Compelling Grant Proposal


1. Mind Maps

2. Rationale

3. Literature Review

4. Aims & Objectives

5. Research

6. Results - Findings

7. Discussion