The team was consisted of the following members (MBA students):
(1) Alex Avramidis,
(2) Evangelos Ergen,
(3) Costas Papathanasiou, and
(4) Maria Spachidou.

During our cooperation we have scheduled and implemented 4 physical presence meetings in the ILC Center of the College, a number of skype contacts, and 2 physical presense meetings and rehersals before the presentation session.

The group project was about DOING BUSINESS in ALBANIA and more specific "The establishment of a wholesale company of paramedical products in Albania", focusing on establishing a company which will import and sell paramedical products in the local market. We have identified a gap in this service since Albania is already characterised as a transition economy. The team has revealed strong opportunities in penetrating and acquiring high market share. The first-mover's advantage is considered as an asset at this investment. The financial plan, performed has demonstrated strong possibilities of creating a succesful and profitable company which among others, will support research and development in the healthcare sector of the country.

Well, the thorough inspection of the country, prior to our entry, was a demanding action but hopefully there were already reports from acknowledged organisations about it.

The Health Care sector appears to be challenging and rather undiscovered, in terms of further potentials in the country. Although Albania do not exceed the 3,5 million inhabitants it demonstrates strong characteristics of a family-patriarchated orientated society, meaning close relations among people and strong mouth to mouth affection. This characteristic multiplies the benefits for a potential investor who will gain brand awareness quickly and will invest in forming his brand equity through time. Such communities usually react with loyalty and express a kind of trust which can be extended to long-term mutual beneficial relationship.

There is a very interesting report in Health Care System of Albania, published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which helped me a lot. WHO is a global think tank which produces various significant reports.

Moreover, I have studied on a number of different business plans of companies. Not necessarily from health or pharma sector but with good methodology and clear statements.

The team has submitted the business plan on 31st of July 2011 titled: The establishment of a wholesale company of paramedical products in Albania. This is the final business plan in the format it was submitted and it is published further to the approval of all my classmates who agreed on this. Moreover, i have decided to upload the Financial Plan of the investment (which was my part and it is in Excel format). I have tried to scrutinise the service as much as possible and monitor the whole 4-years of operation in terms of financial aspects. The investment is worthy to participate with a very good payback period and ratios that are interesting. This excel sheet is interactive and includes inside functions and formulas in order to easily administer the numbers. This derived as a neccesity when we have decided to establish our financial strategy.

On 16th of September 2011 the business plan was presented by the team to the Investors. We have decided to support our presentation by giving to the committee some extra material in order to strengthen the image of the investment.
The presentation had two parts, and they are available to be downloaded as follows:
(a) The Business Plan and (b) The Financial Plan (this is a zipped version of prezi tool, after downloaded and unzipped you may run the prezi.exe file)

The common part of the assignment was marked from Mr Kehaghias, the Module Leader with 60 (Class 2.i). My total mark was 65 (Class 2.i).